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Jon Luc Monteforte

Executive Chef

As a native of the Gold Coast, Chef Monteforte has an affinity with the Long Island community and an understanding of local tastes. Monteforte grew up in Glen Cove in a family of cooks, from grandparents on both sides to a father who was a chef in New York City and a mother with exceptional skills in French cooking. Monteforte’s earliest career revolved around the restaurant industry, where he started working at The View Grill on the Glen Cove Golf Course. There, he trained with experts and rose in the ranks to work with his first mentor, Chef Jeannine Dimenna. Monteforte developed an interest in the art of the professional kitchen that led to a position as Head Chef at Meritage. Monteforte then became Chef de Cuisine at Sandbar where he honed his skills while working with the esteemed Master Chef, Guy Reuge. In March 2023, Monteforte was elevated to his new role as Executive Chef of Sandbar.

My vision for Sandbar is to deliver to guests a delicious dining experience in which fresh ingredients, classic culinary techniques, and my love for homemade food shine in every bite. I want an environment where guests can meet and share their experiences with each other over a delicious meal while I share my experiences through their food.

Handcrafted pastas are one of Chef Monteforte’s specialties, with recipes he inherited from his grandmother. “I enjoy making homemade fresh pasta, the techniques involved and the flavors that I can incorporate fascinates me.” He also incorporates a love of seafood and foods unique to Long Island. “I like to incorporate influences of coastal cuisines and fresh ingredients into every dish. We take pride in making almost everything from scratch and sourcing fresh ingredients to make everything taste homemade.”