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Amanda Mathosian

Chef de Cuisine

Amanda Mathosian’s earliest memories are in the kitchen, where she grew to admire the love and care put into each ingredient chosen and each dish created.  She began to appreciate the sense of teamwork in the kitchen, the traditions that blossomed from recipes passed down the learning experience from trial and error and, of course, the food.  She knew she had found her happy place in the kitchen, where she could foster her desire to impact people in a positive, memorable manner and also pursue a career in hospitality.  

After graduating from Suffolk Community College’s Culinary Arts Program in 2016, with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management, she joined the kitchen team at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center as an intermediate cook, focusing on nutrition and fine-tuning the art of mass production of meals.  In 2017, she became a line cook at Hush Bistro’s locations in Farmingdale and Huntington.  After about a year, she advanced to become the Sous Chef and then Chef de Cuisine to Chef Marc Bynum, Executive Chef of Hush Bistro, and was part of his opening team for two more concepts.  

Amanda is now the Chef de Cuisine at Sandbar, but officially joined the team as a pastry chef.  She continues to draw inspiration by dining out and trying new cuisines as often as she can.  And while her main focus now is on crafting new, seasonal dishes for Sandbar’s menu, you’ll often find her baking in her kitchen at home, as it’s still one of her “favorite things to do.”